Protect Assets with Security First Insurance

In Florida, keeping your valuable assets safe is crucial. That’s what Security First Insurance is here for. They offer coverage that fits the needs of people living in Florida. They are a top insurance company in the state, known for great service and products that protect your home and things from unexpected problems.

Key Takeaways

  • Security First Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for Florida residents
  • The company offers tailored policies to meet the unique needs of homeowners
  • Security First Insurance is a trusted provider known for its quality service and innovative products
  • The company helps customers protect their most valuable assets, including their home and belongings
  • Security First Insurance is committed to delivering exceptional service and prioritizing the needs of its customers

What Security First Insurance Covers

Security First Insurance helps protect your most valuable things. They offer property insurance that covers your home and stuff from many dangers. This includes big storms, fires, and theft.

Property Insurance

With Security First Insurance, your home and what’s inside are safe. If a disaster hits or if someone breaks in, they’ve got you covered. They protect everything from your roof to your valuables, so you can feel safe at home.

Accreditations and Service Standards

Security First Insurance is known for being the best, with top ratings and a focus on helping customers. They’re rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best, showing they’re strong and stable financially. Their team of agents offers personal support and advice, making things easy for you from the beginning.

“Security First Insurance’s commitment to excellence is evident in their industry-leading accreditations and exceptional customer service. Their property insurance coverage provides the peace of mind I need to protect my most valuable assets.”

Security First Insurance combines strong property insurance with great service and customer care. This makes them a trusted choice for homeowners.

Top-Rated Hurricane Protection

hurricane insurance

If you live in Florida, you know how crucial it is to have good hurricane insurance. Security First Insurance is a top choice for homeowners looking for solid protection against hurricanes. They are known for their expertise and strong commitment to making customers happy.

Security First Insurance offers strong hurricane coverage for wind, flood, and other damages. They know what Florida homeowners need and provide tailored solutions. This means you’re ready for any storm that comes your way.

What makes Security First Insurance stand out is their focus on great customer service. When disaster hits, their team is there to help you with your claims. They work fast and efficiently, making them a trusted insurance company.

Security First Insurance is a great choice for anyone in Florida, whether you’re new or have lived here a long time. Their hurricane coverage gives you peace of mind, knowing your home and belongings are safe. With them, you have a partner who knows how to handle hurricane season and keeps your family and property safe.

Coverage Security First Insurance Competitor 1 Competitor 2
Wind Damage
Flood Damage
Storm Surge
Additional Living Expenses
Roof Replacement

Choosing Security First Insurance for your hurricane coverage means you’re with a leading provider in Florida. They offer comprehensive policies, great customer service, and a focus on your safety. You can face the hurricane season with confidence.

Wind Mitigation Discounts

wind mitigation discounts

At Security First Insurance, we know how crucial it is to protect your home from hurricanes and severe weather. That’s why we offer wind mitigation discounts. These discounts help our policyholders save money on their insurance.

By adding approved wind-resistant features to your home, you can get big insurance premium savings. These features make your property stronger. They also show you’re serious about protecting your investment.

Save on Your Premiums

The wind mitigation discounts from Security First Insurance encourage homeowners to get wind-resistant upgrades. These upgrades include:

  • Impact-resistant windows and doors
  • Roof-to-wall and wall-to-foundation connections
  • Reinforced roof structures
  • Protective shutters or impact-resistant glass

With these upgrades, you can save a lot on your insurance costs. This lets you use more money for other important things in your life and for your home.

“At Security First Insurance, we’re committed to helping our policyholders protect their homes and their finances. Our wind mitigation discounts are just one way we’re making it easier for homeowners to safeguard their most valuable asset.”

Investing in wind mitigation also has big financial benefits. It makes your home more resilient. This gives you peace of mind and confidence during extreme weather.

Unique Product Offerings

customized insurance solutions

At Security First Insurance, we know every Florida homeowner is different. That’s why we offer insurance products tailored just for you. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we create innovative products that meet your specific needs.

Our security first insurance products are made with Florida homeowners in mind. They offer customized coverage that goes beyond what you usually find. We listen to what you need and create customized insurance solutions that are just right for you, without extra features you don’t want.

Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you’re buying your first home or own several, our florida homeowner insurance products have you covered. We offer specialized coverage for coastal homes and older properties. Our experts work with you to understand your unique risks and create a plan that addresses them directly.

  • Personalized coverage options for your specific needs
  • Innovative solutions that go beyond traditional insurance products
  • Ongoing support and guidance to ensure your coverage stays up-to-date

At Security First Insurance, we believe true peace of mind comes from having insurance that fits your life. That’s why we offer the most customized insurance solutions in the industry. We ensure you have the coverage you need to protect your most valuable assets.

“Security First Insurance has been a game-changer for us. Their tailored approach to homeowner’s insurance has given us the peace of mind we need to truly enjoy our Florida dream home.”

– John Smith, Security First Insurance Customer

Modify Your Roof Coverage

Roof Coverage

The roof is a key part of protecting your home. Security First Insurance knows how vital it is to have good roof coverage. They offer the Roof Surfaces Payment Schedule Endorsement to help. This endorsement can cut your premiums by about 5% by adjusting how much you get paid out based on your roof’s age and material.

Roof Surfaces Payment Schedule Endorsement

The Roof Surfaces Payment Schedule Endorsement from Security First Insurance looks at your roof’s age and material. It helps you adjust your coverage to fit your needs. This could mean saving money on your roof insurance.

For instance, if you have a composite shingle roof, you could get up to 100% of repair or replacement costs if it’s less than a year old. If it’s 5 years old, you might get 80%, and 60% if it’s 10 years old. This way, you pay only for what you need, keeping your roof well-protected.

Roof Age and Material Impact

The Roof Surfaces Payment Schedule Endorsement from Security First Insurance takes into account the cost of fixing or replacing your roof. It adjusts how much you get paid out based on the roof’s age and material. This lets you save on insurance without losing coverage you need.

Whether your roof is new or old, the Roof Surfaces Payment Schedule Endorsement from Security First Insurance can help. It lets you customize your coverage and might lower your premiums. Knowing how your roof’s material and age affect costs helps you make smart choices for your home’s safety.

Reduce Water Damage Coverage

water damage

Security First Insurance offers flexible coverage options to fit your needs. You can choose to reduce your water damage coverage. This lets you save an average of 10% on your premiums.

With the limited coverage, you still get a $10,000 limit for sudden water damage or overflow. This is a great choice if you want to cut costs but still have some protection.

If you want to save even more, you can choose to not have water damage coverage at all. This way, you pick the coverage that fits your budget and risk level. It doesn’t mean you’re not protected from security first insurance water damage.

Security First Insurance knows everyone’s needs are different when it comes to water damage insurance and limited water damage coverage. They let you customize your policy to fit your life. This gives you the peace of mind you need.

Looking to save money or get full protection? Security First Insurance has what you need. Check out the options and find the best coverage and cost for your assets.

Amend Personal Property Coverage

Security First Insurance lets customers customize their personal property insurance. They can pick between replacement cost and actual cash value (ACV) for Coverage C.

The replacement cost option covers the cost of new items if yours get damaged or lost. This way, you can get back what you had before the loss. The ACV option values items at what they’re worth now, not their original price.

Replacement Cost vs. Actual Cash Value

The replacement cost option gives more coverage but costs more. Choosing ACV can save you about 4% on your personal property insurance with Security First Insurance.

It’s up to you to decide between replacement cost and ACV based on your needs and budget. If you want to keep your stuff in top shape, go for replacement cost. If saving money is key, ACV might be better.

“With the Security First Insurance personal property coverage, you can choose the level of protection that best fits your needs and budget.”

No matter your choice, Security First Insurance makes sure you have the right coverage for your personal items in case of a loss.

Security First Insurance

Security First Insurance is a top insurance provider in Florida. They offer many coverage options to protect homeowners’ valuable things. They are known for their focus on innovation, customer service, and custom solutions.

Security First Insurance works hard to keep Florida homes safe. They aim to give their customers peace of mind. They use new ideas to make solutions that fit each customer’s needs.

Homeowners in Florida can count on Security First Insurance for protection against risks like natural disasters, theft, and unexpected events. They are known for great customer service. They make sure claims are handled fast and help policyholders when they need it.

Security First Insurance is a trusted partner for Florida locals looking for reliable insurance. They are dedicated to innovation and making customers happy. This has made them a top insurance company in the area.

Key Offerings Benefits
Comprehensive Property Insurance Protects homes, personal belongings, and other valuable assets
Tailored Solutions Customizable coverage options to meet individual needs
Exceptional Customer Service Responsive and efficient claims processing
Community Involvement Commitment to supporting local initiatives

Security First Insurance is a top Florida insurance provider focused on excellence. They set the standard for reliable insurance in the state. Homeowners trust them to protect their valuable things and give them peace of mind.

“Security First Insurance has been a trusted partner in protecting our family’s home and assets. Their innovative solutions and exceptional customer service have made all the difference.”

Increase Deductible Options

Security First Insurance offers flexible options to its customers. By choosing a higher deductible, customers can save a lot on their insurance premiums. For example, picking a $5,000 deductible can lead to about 10% savings on All Other Perils coverage.

Every customer’s financial situation is different. That’s why Security First Insurance has various deductible choices for Hurricane and All Other Perils. This lets people pick the deductible that fits their budget and how much risk they can handle. It helps customers manage their insurance costs better while keeping the coverage they need.

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Customers can choose from different deductibles, like a higher Hurricane deductible or All Other Perils deductible. Security First Insurance aims to help customers find the right balance between saving on premiums and being financially prepared. By thinking about their deductible choices, customers can make their insurance coverage fit their unique needs and goals.


Q: What is Security First Insurance?

A: Security First Insurance is a reputable insurance company known for providing excellent coverage and customer service.

Q: How can I find an insurance agent for Security First?

A: You can locate an insurance agent for Security First by visiting their website or contacting their customer service department.

Q: Does Security First offer insurance in Florida?

A: Yes, Security First offers insurance services in Florida, catering to the specific needs of residents in the state.

Q: Who regulates Security First Insurance?

A: Security First Insurance is regulated by the Office of Insurance Regulation in the state of Florida.

Q: How can I protect my home with Security First Insurance?

A: You can protect your home by signing up for a home insurance policy with Security First to ensure coverage in case of unexpected events.

Q: Where can I hear more about Security First Insurance?

A: You can hear more about Security First Insurance by visiting their booth 430 at events or conventions where they are represented.

Q: How can Security First help me maximize my insurance benefits?

A: Security First can help you maximize your benefits by providing valuable insights and guidance on protecting what matters most to you.